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Downsizing, what we call “Right-Sizing” is a very emotional and challenging process.

Many people want to move from the suburbs back to an urban environment where they lived in their younger days such as Brookline, Back Bay, and areas that have evolved such as The Seaport and South End. On the other side of the river, there is a pull to Harvard Square, on the Charles River, or the quickly developing Central Square.

What is hard for many people to fathom is that they are looking at places that are one-half or one-third the size of their current home at prices that are equivalent or multiples in price of the property they are selling.  We know!  We have worked with numerous families where this has been the case.

Just to know, you are not alone.  Everyone is looking/dreaming of a place that has an elevator, 2 car parking, garage, outdoor space to enjoy, and in-unit laundry.  Places that have all of these attributes do exist, it’s just that there aren’t a lot of them and due to demand, they command the highest prices.  Also, as these needs have been seen and addressed by builders, they are increasingly in high-end luxury buildings.  There is no choice for the builders given that what was there before was most likely torn down or completely renovated, and it’s the only way for them to be profitable.

Brookline is one of the places that you can find most of what you desire.  Yes, you can also find it all but not that often, and you will be in a fight to make it yours.  That is why it is imperative to have an excellent agent working for you.

Given that Coolidge Corner is where most people really desire to be, and typically Brookline is less expensive than inside the city limits, the following are some of the mid to larger size complexes to keep an eye on:

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