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Any media source will wax prolific on the Seaport transformation from parking lots and abandonment to chic new housing and restaurants. While that might become tiresome or redundant, it *is* true. Seaport is the new new and there are housing (and restaurant) choices that didn’t exist a few short years ago, and arguably, don’t exist in this quantity anywhere else in Boston.

When we work with buyers on a Boston-area home search, we typically lay out a plan that involves months of patient looking and waiting for the handful of units that will be available in the coming year.

In glittering contrast, the Seaport is their oyster. Brand new buildings with garage parking, glorious amenities, and water views have large and small units available every week.

When you think about the sun shining on your life in a gorgeous Boston home with the sea breeze on your deck, what do you picture?

Here are some of the current luxury listings in Boston’s Seaport.

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