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Real estate in the times of Covid-19 is different in some ways and the same in others.

First, we absolutely want everyone to be safe. The way that property is shown is changing day by day, but everyone’s goal is to minimize exposure to the virus. So far, this has meant there are no open houses. Everyone is encouraged to view property virtually with as much scrutiny as possible before going to see it. Appointments are scheduled individually to showings. Within the properties, we are evolving the best practices for cleaning and for protecting the people and keeping surfaces clean. At this time we are using a combination of gloves, booties, wipes, sanitizer, and handwashing with soap.

Showing properties virtually has become more crucial than ever. With our buyers, we talk through the photographs, floorplans, and details of properties before we go see them. Our past experience here has become even more invaluable because we are able to describe to people neighborhoods, buildings, and even units where we have sold and shown property before.

With each listing, we create dedicated websites to showcase the photos, virtual tours, and features of the property.

Explore the property website for this listing here.

For our listings, the virtual work that we do is essential. We take photos, produce virtual tours, create videos, and provide floorplans. We are doing showings for properties, but also facebook live walkthroughs and facetime showings.

Staging has come to the forefront even more. Staged photos and staged properties are more important than ever before. The photos truly set apart a property in ways that are make all the difference in which properties will warrant an in person showing, and thus an offer, vs which properties will just not be priorities.

The reality is that people still need housing. Some people need to buy and some people need to sell. We are here to help you plan to meet your needs and goals for both the short term and the long term. Let us know how we can help.

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