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Selling a property has many moving parts and our team brings decades of experience and success to our clients to deliver the best possible outcome for them.  We craft our marketing plans around the needs of each client to maximize what their sale can achieve for them in net proceeds, time line, and needed effort from them to get them to the next step they need to take.  We don’t sell only one community, we work with only one goal – deliver the best possible results for the client.

Truly, it isn’t bad advice to work with a “local agent” that “knows the local market”, but I cannot emphasize enough working with an agent that knows the market extremely well and is experienced working with those properties and those clients.  Often we see “working with a local agent”  misinterpreted and misapplied in ways that costs sellers tens of thousands of dollars or more.  Sometimes people will interpret a “local agent” to be the one that sent a postcard to them.  This “local agent” might also be an agent that lives in this local community, but has sold only a few properties in their career.  That local agent that only sells one small area can also lose touch with the buyer pool coming to their location.

“The market” is fluid and buyers at certain price points, looking for certain aspect of properties move from one town to another as prices change and neighborhoods evolve.  “Local agents” that only sell that community will often see a new buyer pool as changing and alien and often comment with bafflement over interacting with these clients.  This is our groove.  We have always walked in step these buyers, and moved with them as they navigate the evolving real estate market, which is not confined to town and neighborhood boundaries.

These clients, and their needs and preferences, are “our people” and we know them and *their market* extremely well.  In the vast majority of sales, the buyer for a property does not currently live in the town where the property is for sale.  They are coming there from another town (where many buyers are coming from).  They are also comparing this home in Town A to homes in a list of towns.  For agents that only work in their one town, they can’t readily price a home and position it in a market place that includes several other alternative towns.  We have built our real estate practice around delivering to our clients the things that they need to succeed in the market.  You absolutely need an agent that knows your local market.  That agent will sell your property more successfully if they also intimately know your buyer and the competing markets when your buyer is looking.

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