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How is the market? The question that people always bring up. The answer is never one thing, it matters whether you are buying or selling. What kind of property? And what town?

For many people in Somerville, I think we can generalize a bit. There are not enough condos and they seem to be SO expensive.

I won’t say that’s not true. But I will say that we are bringing an economical unit to market this week that we are excited about!

Here are the Somerville condominium sales for last year.

Over 600 hundred Somerville condominiums sold last year. Why can’t I find a home for me?

Looking over the sales for last year, the prices range from a handful of unit below $500k to units over $2M. In almost every segment of the market we find more buyers than sellers.

If you are looking for a home in Somerville, or starting to explore farther afield, let’s set up an appointment to design a search and get you moving in the right direction.

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Here are the current units for sale in Somerville that are listing for less than $800k.

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