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Back Bay

Back Bay Parlor Units are the Stuff of Dreams

People often stroll down the streets of Back Bay wondering what’s behind those glorious front entrances. They have visions of high ceilings, old world grandeur, and breathy elegance.

Frequently, they aren’t disappointed. I have seen a lot of Boston homes but, these glorious spaces still stun me at times.

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Boston University

Commuting from Washington Square

Sometimes when we move clients into Washington Square from Brighton, Back Bay, Cambridge, and other places, they aren’t immediately sure how a commute from Washington Square will work for them.

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Right Sizing / Downsizing

Downsizing, what we call “Right-Sizing” is a very emotional and challenging process.

Many people want to move from the suburbs back to an urban environment where they lived in their younger days such as Brookline, Back Bay, and areas that have evolved such as The Seaport and South End. On the other side of the river, there is a pull to Harvard Square, on the Charles River, or the quickly developing Central Square.

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Next Steps – After Selling Your Condo?

Where do people go after Brighton and Brookline? Many people buy in Brighton or Brookline for their first home because they know it well already, lots of friends live nearby, and the commute is easy. It is a relief to not be renting anymore, not be moving every September, or to have parking or outdoor space.

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Just Sold - Townhouse in Somerville

Just Sold – Townhouse in Somerville

Just Sold – Townhouse in Somerville. We just sold a two-bedroom one-full bath townhouse in Somerville!

Are you looking to sell your own place? Maybe thinking of moving to a bigger home? We’re here to help!

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Selling Boston Area Real Estate

Selling a property has many moving parts and our team brings decades of experience and success to our clients to deliver the best possible outcome for them. We craft our marketing plans around the needs of each client to maximize what their sale can achieve for them in net proceeds, time line, and needed effort from them to get them to the next step they need to take.

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Moving to Brookline – The Ultimate Guide

We want to provide a jump start guide of information that you need about Brookline to start to explore and find your way. Let us know your questions about moving to Brookline. We will help however we can, and will be thrilled to incorporate that information here for others. Just four miles from downtown Boston, Brookline is one of the largest New England “towns”, as opposed to “cities” like Boston and Cambridge.

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Ready, Set, Sell: Checklist for Home Sellers

You want to sell your home in the shortest possible time for the highest possible price, right? Of course that is every seller’s goal and it’s your Realtor’s goal as well. So here’s a handy 7 Additional Quick Fixes To Make A Great First Impression When Selling A Home you need to do to make that happen.

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Somerville Condominium Market

How is the market? The question that people always bring up. The answer is never one thing, it matters whether you are buying or selling. What kind of property? And what town?

For many people in Somerville, I think we can generalize a bit. There are not enough condos and they seem to be SO expensive.

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Back Bay

Back Bay Market Statistics for 2021

The Boston real estate market feels a bit more like watching a tennis match for the last two years instead of simply rockets taking off. Boston did not see an exodus of people leaving the city due to Covid with falling prices taking their place at the level that New York and other cities did. But. People did leave. And prices did bounce around a bit on some properties.

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