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A gorgeous painted lady just became the dream home of a beloved client!

If we just “sold houses”, our work would be so much less. I am so excited to put this property under agreement with a long time client.

I think her story (while every story is unique) walks in step with many of my peers who first came to Cambridge, then moved a little farther away. North Cambridge. Davis Square. Then maybe looked a bit farther afield.

Many people take a next step to Watertown, Belmont, Arlington, and, increasingly….Medford. I say this like it might be something new, and it really isn’t. It’s a trend 10 years plus in the making.

West Medford is so close….to Arlington Center, Davis Square, Tufts University.

If you’ve been a Cantabrigian or a Slummervillian, I’d be fairly certain than you have friends in Medford already. They love their new homes. In the quiet. With grass and trees. Moments to friends, shops, and restaurants that they have always known. And also moments to the Fells and Wright’s Pond and other outdoorsy destinations.

They love it there. Some of them find their forever homes there. Which might be the biggest shift from years ago. They are moving to Medford, and loving it, and staying.

Is there a Davis/Tufts area home for you? Here are the condos out there right now:

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