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In all cities, officials are looking to balance the needs for fresh air and recreation with safety and social distancing.

Playgrounds, indoor spaces, and sports facilities are closed. However, many parks are still available for strolling, hiking, and jogging.

Please refer to the Boston Parks and Recreation Page for the latest updates, and ideally look at the webpages for each park to check for Covid Updates before planning a visit.

LATEST UPDATES (APRIL 5, 2020) from Boston Parks and Recreation

The following features are CLOSED in all parks:

Playground structures and equipment (slides, swings, climbing structures)
Fitness equipment
Courts: basketball, tennis, street hockey, pickleball, and handball
Sports activities on fields: baseball, softball, football, rugby, cricket, and soccer

Areas that are OPEN:

Passive space for walking, running, cycling, riding non-motorized scooters and skateboards, while practicing physical distancing.

Keep six feet of space between yourself and others.

Only use parks when you have the ability to remain six feet away from others. If you find a park to be crowded, choose a less busy time or find another park. Most of our parks remain uncrowded. Visit our Urban Wilds page or parks and playgrounds page for more information. You’ll find many options, organized by neighborhood.

Although parks remain open for passive use, such as walking or jogging, park users are advised to follow social distancing guidelines recommended by the Boston Public Health Commission:

Remain at least six feet away from others (those who are not part of your immediate family or household).

Wash hands, utilize hand sanitizer, and cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your inner elbow.

Limit time in public areas and avoid congregating in groups.

Stay home if you feel sick.

Permits for events or recreational sports are suspended through May 4.

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