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JP Licks

It has to be a Boston rite of passage to get ice cream from JP Licks right? But don’t fret if you haven’t! It’s never too late to head out to any of JP Licks’ 17 branches and try their ice cream for the very first time.

If you’re the kind of person who craves something sweet on a hot summer day, or the kind that just likes ice cream just because (who doesn’t??), JP Licks and their famous cow is guaranteed to be your new bestfriend. 


JP Licks began its humble journey in 1981 with it’s first branch in, and you guessed it, JP. Vince Petryk, owner and founder, a self-described oddball from birth, began his career in ice cream as a dishwasher before ultimately becoming an ice cream maker and manager of his own shop at 26 years old.

“The shop immediately began to gain popularity and became a hit with local residents and area college students. Its eclectic look gave the store a distinctive atmosphere and my staff , mostly Mass College of Art students (who one customer good naturedly described in 1981, as a “freak show of polite, tattooed, body pierced, gay and lesbian kids, and other assorted weirdos”), added to the shop’s unique environment. J.P. Licks was not your traditional New England ice cream parlor. The ice creams were described in the first newspaper review as having “intense flavors, lacking any subtlety, like a sledge-hammer on your palate” . . . kinda like its founder’s personality. The reviewer also suggested to readers ” . . . you’d better hurry in to taste for yourself, because this place won’t be in business for long.” (Oh well, they got the first part right at least).”

From JP Licks Instagram

Since then, business for Vince and JP Licks has boomed proving the specific reviewer dead wrong. Over the years, JP Licks has remained true to their commitment to serve their ethnically diverse customers in each neighborhood in which they do business. Aside from creating a wide (and we mean wide) range of ice cream flavors that cater to all tastes, everything offered on the menu is Kosher certified. 

With 17 stores, 8 locations in Boston and 9 in neighboring towns, JP Licks has definitely become a familiar fixture to Boston residents. These stores are all within 20 miles of their HQ in JP which affords management to monitor store operations, and make sure that they continue to provide friendly and efficient customer service to everyone. 

Read more about their story here: Our Story | JP Licks


From JP Licks Instagram

JP Licks has lots of featured flavors for all kinds of palates. From their chunky peanut butter chocolate covered pretzel, to their salted caramel cookies and cream, they always have new and exciting flavors to watch out for. 

Our team’s recommendation: If you are a cinnamon lover, you can’t miss JP Licks’  Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream – a delectable treat with brown sugar, cinnamon ice cream, and lots of cinnamon toast crunch!

Order online here: JP Licks Delivery



Andover:28 Park St. Andover
Monday – Thursday: noon to 10PM
Friday & Saturday: noon to 10:30PM
Sunday: noon to 10PM

Assembly Row: 611 Assembly Row Somerville
Daily: 10AM to 11PM

Boylston Street: 1106 Boylston Street Boston
Monday – Thursday: noon to 11PM
Friday & Saturday: noon to midnight
Sunday: noon to 11PM

Charles Street: 150 Charles Street Boston
Daily 11AM-11PM

Coolidge Corner: 311 Harvard Street Brookline
Sunday – Thursday: 11AM to 11PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM to midnight

Davis Square: 4A College Ave. Somerville
Sunday – Thursday: 11AM to 11PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM to midnight

Harvard Square:  1312 Mass Ave. Cambridge
Monday – Saturday: 9AM to 11PM
Sunday: 10AM to 11PM

Jamaica Plain:  659 Centre Street Jamaica Plain
Daily: 7AM to midnight

Legacy Place: 704 Legacy Place Dedham
Monday – Thursday: 10AM to 11PM
Friday & Saturday: 10AM to 11:30PM
Sunday: 10AM to 11PM

Market Street: 800 Market Street Lynnfield
Daily: 11AM to 11PM

Mission Hill: 1618 Tremont St. One Brigham Circle Boston
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM to 11PM
Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 11PM

Newbury Street: 173 Newbury Street Boston
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM to 11PM
Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 11PM

Newton Centre: 46 Langley Rd. Newton Centre
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM to 11PM
Saturday & Sunday: 9AM to 11PM

South Bay: 24 District Ave Dorchester
Monday – Friday: noon to 11PM
Saturday & Sunday: 11AM to 11PM

West Broadway: 397 West Broadway St, South Boston
Monday: 1PM to 11PM
Tuesday: 1PM to 11PM
Wednesday: 1PM to 11PM
Thursday: 1PM to 11:30PM
Friday: 1PM to midnight
Saturday: 1PM to midnight
Sunday: 1PM to 11:30PM

Wellesley Square:63 Central St. Wellesley
Daily: 10AM to 11PM

West Roxbury: 661 VFW Parkway Chestnut Hill
Daily: 9AM to 11PM



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