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FoMu Ice Cream, South End

Fomu Ice Cream hours of operation: 
Monday to Sunday: 12 PM – 11 PM

Address: 655 Tremont St, Boston
Phone number: (617) 982-7955

About Fomu Ice Cream

You’ve probably heard about vegan ice cream, but have you heard about DELICIOUS vegan ice cream? FoMu Ice Cream is a heaven for anyone trying out a vegan lifestyle and struggling to cut out ice cream, or anyone wanting to have a dairy-free diet. It’s also perfect for people who just wants to enjoy healthy, delicious, and guilt-free ice cream! Everything is made with coconut milk but without that heavy coconut taste.

All FoMu products start with premium, natural, plant-based, kosher ingredients. However, it’s not just ingredients that make FoMu different. FoMu only contains about 25% air to provide a smooth and creamy consistency and mouthfeel. Twenty-five percent less air means 25% more ingredients in every bite!  

With a modern interior design and plenty of seats, FoMu is a great place to enjoy ice cream, frappes, smoothies, and baked goods while reading a book or hanging out with friends. Try their seasonal caramel pumpkin pie ice cream and you won’t be disappointed! If Fall had a flavor, that would be it.

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