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Work from home has changed so many things about our lives. Is it time to change the home, too?

Many of our clients are opting for more space, more outdoor space, and looking to create a comforting space. They all want home to be “better”. As Covid began to impact businesses and people made changes to their work lives and school lives, the kinds of properties that they looked to live in changed, too.

Some people (and the media) expected to see urban flight, distress sales, a plummeting real estate market. And if you are looking for evidence to support that, we can point to some properties that don’t look rosey.

However, our experience with our clients is that they are focused on making home better. They are reallocating monies that they are not spending on vacation, eating out, buying clothes, and getting haircuts and pedicures and they are spending it on their homes. They are buying more rooms, more bathrooms, gorgeous kitchens, and, above all, outdoor space.

What would you change?

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