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Could this be YOUR year?

It’s the time of year that many of our clients are taking stock at home and trying to decide if this is the year that they will finally be able to move to a new home.  The reason could be because they really want a fireplace to cozy up to during our cold winters. Or perhaps the one bathroom for 4 people is just a bit TOO cozy.  They finally want their very own parking space(s).

Some of our biggest advice to these clients?  Don’t wait too long to get started.

Real estate, in general, can be seasonable. People don’t want to move in the middle of a school year or during the winter, or maybe the homeowner is just too busy trying to focus on work before the end of the year so they can get that bonus.  They are craving a change, but are scared and may not understand how to move forward.  And quite frankly, spring is just a frenzy in the real estate marketplace.

Time spent preparing in the fall is the key to spring time success

No need to take your eye off the prize. 

We believe that it benefits clients to have the home they are selling ready to go before the first of the year, or very soon thereafter. Why? So they are prepared to sell if they find a place that they want to buy!  If you are selling…you ARE moving, and it can be extremely stressful to be trying to buy a home and to not feel like you are well-prepared with the home you are selling.

So begin in the fall. It is a good time to look at neighborhoods, home styles, and price ranges for a house you want, before the intense pressure of springtime decision making.  See what is out there. Get market studies, research transportation for work, schools for you or your children, and local places which interest you and your family.

Homes that come to market and sell with a great price and terms don’t just happen.  The time spent decluttering, preparing, staging, and marketing is the investment to make to get you there.  So start thinking about the steps to take at home to make the move happen.

By the way, have you thought what it is like getting into summertime without having a house under agreement?  Is it the worst thing?  It really isn’t the worst thing, but it does cause some issues for clients.  There are fewer properties coming to market after Memorial Day, which means fewer homes to choose from for people hoping to move by the end of summer.  It also means every week that goes by during the summer puts pressure on buyers to make decisions about properties quickly and to bid aggressively to win. 

Does it sound like a collection of disparate steps?  It’s actually a well-worn path and we enjoy working with clients to take a measured approach to moving to their next step.

Let’s plan together to make this YOUR year!

If you are ready to find *the one*, or to start laying out your housing goals, let’s connect and get you moving forward.

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