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What’s Happening in Newton Real Estate?

We try to impress upon our clients that watching median prices or “how the market is changing” isn’t the same thing as understand what a particular property is worth at any time. If you are curious about how properties are selling and what your home might be worth in today’s market, let’s take a look. Or, if you are trying to understand what it costs to find a property that you would like, let’s take a look at that market segment.

Renovated Waban Colonial.

When we look at markets and pricing, we look at market segments. Knowing the median price of homes in a town tells us very little, in our experience. A popular home search in Newton is a 4-6 bedroom home in the Waban area. This chart shows 4-6 bedroom Waban area homes that have sold so far in 2021. This gives a much more useful view of the market as we work with clients to price a home that they are selling, or to help them work toward finding their new home.

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