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We closed today on a sale for an investor to sell a unit and cash in on record demand for properties.

We think staging really made the sale for this garden level unit. Terrific photos drew in buyers and they were thrilled to see the space when they arrived.
Photos of our recent sale at 1762 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton.

Is now a good time to cash in on your smart investment and sell an investment property? Is it time to sell your current home and take the next step toward something that you want “next”? Whether that is larger, smaller, nicer, quieter.

What metrics and goals do you use to track your real estate investments and returns?

We feel that many people accept returns far below what they could achieve with some planning and intentional choices. Once people are in a property, we also find that they tend to hold the property well beyond the profitable timeframe.

Here is an introduction to calculating the true return on a real estate investment.

If you are looking to make a move, reach out and schedule a time to talk about your goals.

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