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Where do people go after Brighton and Brookline? Many people buy in Brighton or Brookline for their first home because they know it well already, lots of friends live nearby, and the commute is easy. It is a relief to not be renting anymore, not be moving every September, or to have parking or outdoor space.

When you start thinking to move on from this home, where do you go?

The clock that got you into your first condo (I do not want to sign another lease!) is different that the one that will move you on to your next step.

Now you will probably move to improve something….more space, outdoor space, bathrooms, garage….people typically sell their smaller condo and buy a larger one, or move farther afield and step up in other ways.

What motivates you to think about moving? Where will you live next?

We work with clients to look at the reasons they chose their current home, the reasons that they are thinking to make a change, and work out the things that we should explore to find the best fit both for now, and for what you think might be the move after that.

We look to protect your investment, keep you in a liquid position as much as possible, and have you living in a great home.

Where have our clients gone next?

Arlington, Belmont, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Natick, Sudbury, Wayland, Acton, Lexington, Winchester, Swampscott, etc.

We don’t put these towns out there and just say…the world is your oyster, but we use data tools to help you understand what the towns will offer you and what it might cost to live there.

Here is an example of recent sales in Brighton.
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