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People love living in Jamaica Plain so much. It is hard to describe. Click for some Jamaica Plain scuttlebutt.

Are there still opportunities? People do compete for most JP properties. And, sure, there are more luxury properties being sold today in Jamaica Plain than ever before. That is true in many locations.

But in JP, there are still opportunities at many price points.

This gracious unit in the Stonybrook Neighborhood is available for $495k.

Two Bedroom condominiums sold in Jamaica Plain so far in 2020.

We use this type of chart to look at sales data to help buyers refine their search and set expectations for what they will be able to find, and at what price. About 10% of the two bedroom condos in Jamaica Plain have sold for less than $500k so far in 2020. Half of them had a parking space.

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Virtual Tours are the Best Sales Tool

Here are some two bedroom condos for under $500k that are available today.

Occasionally, there are wonderful opportunities in Jamaica Plain, both for economical places to live and for extraordinary luxury.

Recently, a small unit came on the market just off Centre Street.

Housing can be more affordable by looking for something a little smaller, something that is less updated, or forgoing parking.

There are often options available that don’t require breaking the bank. The best way to find a comfortable fit for the budget is to study the market data for the property that you hope to find. How many times has it been available in the last year? At what price? In what condition?

Here is a recent sale of a typical-sized two bedroom unit.

Often, buyers start their search eagerly hoping for something beyond the typical charms and conveniences. In addition to some of the more economical choices, a few fantastic units come to market each year in Jamaica Plain. One of my recent favorites is on Everett Street.

Whether you are looking for something economical or fantastical, let us use experience and data to help guide you to your next home.

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