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We are working our way through an exciting year (actually, two) of sales data. 2021, like 2020, saw broken sales records and changed the patterns of where people move, and when they sell. Both real estate markets and lifestyle/ work transformations changed people’s real estate goals and the way that they spend their time.

Our own clients made surprising changes to their plans over the past two years. Now, we are working through the data to see how this reads in pricing and trends. We have completed many market snapshots that we are posting, with more to come. We are also working to get some more in depth studies posted.

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Brookline Market Stats 2021 Snapshot

The Brookline condo market (on paper) seems to perhaps moved against the trends of other places, but many buyers would say that it was all up! Prices up, offers up, stress up. Admittedly….it varied by type of unit, location, and outdoor space.

The number of condominiums sold in Brookline in 2021 was up to 576 from 384 in 2020 (an exceptionally low number). Median price of Brookline condominiums was down to $856k from $925k in 2020, but I remind our clients that movements in median price do not indicate market movement necessarily. All ships do not rise and fall together in the real estate market. I find that median prices are often more useful as an economic indicator, but rarely useful to judge the moment in market value of a particular property.

Here is a quick look at the market today:

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