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We work with clients as they purchase in the heart of Boston, then move outward for something larger, and then they may move farther out for a yard and some grass and trees. Then they might move back “into town” again.

As we work with our clients, we help them set and achieve various real estate, lifestyle, and investing goals. We think a core value to the real estate services that we provide is both a broad and deep knowledge of towns, neighborhoods, and property types throughout the area. We are familiar with the decisions that our clients make over time and over generations as they look at the real estate landscape.

Sometimes, especially before real estate data was delivered digitally, people believed that the only worthwhile real estate agent is an agent that only sells in one neighborhood. We believe that choosing a real estate professional by this metric creates a costly lack of information for the decisions that people make.

In the course of working with our clients, we continually spend time evaluating properties in various locations and comparing one to another. In the same way that a buyer for a property looks in multiple towns. If you are selling a property in Newton, your buyer isn’t looking only at properties in Newton, and comparing to those properties. Your buyer is looking in Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Needham, Natick, and maybe also towns across the river such as Belmont, Lexington, and Winchester. They also most likely do not currently live in Newton, but are coming to Newton from Brookline, Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, or other towns. They need to understand their lifestyle in the context of a new town.

This is true of most locations. The buyers are typically to move to another town that they one where they currently live, and they are looking at more than one town as they consider their next move.

We apply this same thinking to properties that we both sell and purchase with clients through towns on both sides of the river and reaching toward both north and south shores. In the past, the boundaries of most of our clients were a commute to Boston, but Covid has expanded those boundaries farther.

Like our clients, our real estate world doesn’t stop in the towns where we live, or where we sold our last five homes. We have sold hundreds of homes throughout the area in the last 20 years and continue studying, learning, and growing with our clients.

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