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August Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer is almost over, are you just as excited for the fall as we are? With everyone fully rested and well-vacationed, it’s time to prepare as we fall back (no pun intended) into our old routines, that is, with the kids going back to school at the end of the month. To help close out the summer, here is our August maintenance checklist for homeowners!

1. Deep Clean the kitchen

The kitchen can be and will be a mess once school starts and we have less time to clean as we go. To prepare for that, it is a good idea to deep clean it now before disaster strikes, right? 

Deep cleaning the kitchen may feel overwhelming especially when you think about everything that needs to be cleaned – the pantry, fridge, counters, the sink and so on. The secret is to be organized! Here’s a handy step by step guide on how to deep clean your kitchen: How to deep clean your kitchen

2. Inspect the roof

If there’s one thing homeowner’s hate the most about the fall – it’s the leaves. Leaves falling everywhere, on the roof, on the yard, on the porch! 

Before the onslaught of leaves reach our well-maintained homes, it is important that we inspect and make sure our roofs can handle all the mess the new season brings. So, make sure to inspect your roof any missing shingles or any water damage. Additionally, homeowners need to check gutters for any sign of damage or clogs. 

3. Dust off the carpets

Brighton starter condo

Now that we’re finally settling back home from all our trips to beach and other summer activities, it only makes sense to dust off the rugs and carpets we keep inside the house. 

Regular vacuuming is always a good first step to cleaning our carpets, but we also have to inspect them for any stains and spot clean them. A good rule to have to always keep them clean is to limit stepping on them with our shoes on and putting doormats out. 

4. Prepare for back-to-school & the fall

With fall and winter at our doorsteps, we need to prepare our doorsteps and entry ways for all the school and winter gear that we’re gonna end up using.

Remove any unnecessary items from your front entrance, and add hooks, shoe racks, cubbies, and other organizational furniture to keep it clean and tidy once the colder weather comes.  Organize and clean out your front closets of any summer clothes & accessories to make sure you have space for all your the school bags and cold weather clothes.  

5. Check your heating

Before we even get a whiff of the cold winter air, we need to know if our heating system is up to the task to keep us and families warm. To do this, we’ll need to clean out and clear the area around the furnace, check the air filters, and test it if the furnace and thermostat works. If all these checks out, the next step is to test your hot water radiators (if you have one) or fuel up your home’s oil tank.


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