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In my life, two of the biggest rites of spring are the spring real estate market, and the blooming of Back Bay.

I gushed last year about how much I love spring in Back Bay.

This year, the real estate market isn’t for everyone. (For some people, there is still a need to buy and sell properties. I have posted some about that at “Real Estate in the Days of Covid-19”.)

As I walked through Back Bay this week, I set aside Covid for a bit. This year, the blooming of Back Bay means more to me than ever before.

This week, I specifically took the time to walk to my appointment on Marlborough Street. The quiet, gifted, middle-child street of Back Bay, perhaps. But certainly not an overlooked one.

Marlborough is the quiet one. Not the driving in and out of Comm Ave and Beacon. But the one that dwells in Back Bay.

I wanted to walk in “solitude”. As a choice. Respectful of social distancing. But taking the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a Back Bay spring in solitude and contemplate.

As I walk through all of our neighborhoods this week, I am seeing them differently. I have always been aware of the “old” buildings. They have seen the changing of the generations like the changing of seasons. They have seen people come and go. And stood during world crises from wars to economic crashes.

And now. An epidemic. They all saw one before.

The birds and the flowers continue as if there is nothing amiss in the world.

The buildings stand there for us knowing that the seasons come and go.

I am a person enjoying my city, and the flowers, and the buildings. I can not act as the poet nor the historian for others.

But I enjoy walking in solitude on one of the most beautiful streets in Boston. Enjoying the flowers and the architecture. Until next spring. And the ones after that.

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