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Have you been to Montgomery Park? Or seen photos? Heard stories and rumors?

“Montgomery Park is a green space inside a city block in the South End neighborhood of Boston Massachusetts. It is privately owned and managed by the residents in the surrounding rowhouses on Montgomery, West Canton, Tremont and Dartmouth Streets. ” – from the Montgomery Park Website   

Montgomery Park: Boston, MA by Ashoka – United States
The rich history and impact from one of the country’s oldest and impressive Community Greens.

Montgomery Park: Boston, MA on the Ashoka – United States website gives a step by step history of how this amazing park came to be through neighbors improving their surroundings step by step….through arson and blight to the genteel park of today.

Now this park is one of the most stunning “back yards” of Boston.

Occasionally, there is an opportunity to join their ranks and live abutting the spacious park.

On the market now is a lower duplex at 82 Montgomery Street abutting the park, and making the new owner a member of this exclusive garden club.

This unit is offered by Donnelly + Co for $1.975M.

82 Montgomery Street #1, South End, Abutting Montgomery Park

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