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Fresh Pond, Cambridge

Fresh Pond in Cambridge is a popular spot for walking, running, and bike riding among Cambridge residents and non-residents alike. Officially the Fresh Pond Reservation, it consists of 162 acres of open space surrounding and protecting the 155-acre Fresh Pond Reservoir.


The Reservation is open from dusk till dawn 365 days a year for all kinds of activities.

There is a 2.25 miles paved loop that goes around the pond for trail runners, walkers, and cyclists. This main path is paved and relatively flat which makes it an easy walk for everyone. A lap around the trail takes an average of 44 minutes to complete. Benches and picnic tables are spread along the trail for resting along the route.

There is plenty of foliage and fauna to see at the Fresh Pond Reservation. Nature lovers can enjoy identifying different kinds of trees and plants spread around the pond. Wildlife like deers, ducks, and rabbits are freely moving around the reservation. Bird watchers usually come to observe a wide variety of resident birds, as well as numerous migrating songbirds and song fouls that pass through every year.

Families are welcome to enjoy all kinds of activities at Fresh Pond as well. Picnics are permitted in Kingsley Park where children can play in and run around. The mild grade of the trail also makes a good exercise for the whole family. Dogs are welcome and may be off-leash in some areas.

The Fresh Pond golf course is a nine-hole municipal golf course that offers great public golf and access to all. The course runs along the historic Fresh Pond reservation and offers a challenging layout of 3000 yards with par 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s with plenty of natural and water hazards. The course is owned and operated by the city of Cambridge and its employees. Tee times are kept at 10 minutes apart for a fast fun golf experience, nine-hole play is expected to be completed in 2hours and 15 minutes.


This viewing fence is part of a larger art installation by Mags Harries & Lajos Héder called “Drawn Water”. The circle is actually a slice from a 42-inch water main; that means when you look through it, you look through a water main and see the City’s drinking water supply. | Fresh Pond Reservation

When is Fresh Pond Reservation open?
Fresh Pond Reservation is open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year.

Is Fresh Pond really used for drinking water?
YES! Cambridge owns and treats its own water supply. Fresh Pond Reservoir is the terminal reservoir of our four-reservoir system. Every day 12-16 million gallons of water are piped into Fresh Pond from Hobbs Brook and Stony Brook Reservoirs (which are located in Lexington, Lincoln, Waltham and Weston) and the same amount is drawn from Fresh Pond.

How far is it around the Pond?
The Perimeter Road is 2.25 miles. The loop around the crest of the Kingsley Park Hill is 0.25 of a mile and the unpaved path behind the Kingsley Park hill is 0.4 of a mile.

What are the parking regulations?
A Cambridge resident parking permit is required for the use of Reservation lots. Visitor permits are not accepted. This regulation is in force every day of the year for all users. Due to the limited number of spaces, we recommend that visitors use alternate methods of travel to the Pond such as MBTA buses, 72,74,75 and 78, which originate from Harvard Sq. There is a bicycle lane on portions of Huron Ave and Concord Ave. and a new bike path on Fresh Pond Parkway as well.

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