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Fall Foliage in Boston

One of the greatest pleasures of the Fall season is getting to enjoy nature as it changes and prepares for the cold winter ahead. There’s just something magnificent with being able to witness leaves turning different shades of red, yellow, and orange after an entire of season of warmth and activity. This, in our opinion, is one of the perks of living in New England.

If you’re as melodramatic as we are about leaves falling to the ground, then you better check out this list of where to see the fall foliage in Boston!

The Boston Common & Boston Public Garden

Fall Foliage in Boston

Photo by Lily Fang | Roaming Boston

On top of our list is the Boston Common and Public Garden, of course!

With almost 700 varieties of hardwood trees, the Common is an amazing place to enjoy the fall foliage. Oak, beech, chestnut, and maple are among the species that live in the Common. These species have foliage that peak in November, so you have plenty of time!

Additionally, the Public Garden is another amazing spot right in the middle of the city for foliage peeping. Just across the Common, the Garden’s Japanese maple trees are among the highlights you would want to see. These trees tend to sport a vibrant orange and fiery red earlier in the season.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall, Back bay

Photo by: Brian McWilliams

Another amazing spot to see the stunning fall foliage in Boston is the Comm Ave Mall in Back Bay. Regardless of the season, it always is a good idea to stroll down the mall and breathe in nature – but during the fall most especially! The canopy of trees along its length does a great job at mixing a cocktail of autumn colors – truly a sight to behold. 

Bird Park, WALPOLE

Photo by: by Eric Hurwitz

Just a short car ride (around 40 minutes) from Boston, is Bird Park in Walpole. The 89 acre park features ponds, brooks, open fields, and groves of trees. This mix of nature, is a magnificent sight to see especially in the fall! The drive down is surely worth it, we guarantee!

Aside from sight seeing, Bird Park offers plenty of activities too. With a three-mile meandering path, people can walk, jog, or bike while enjoying nature. The wooded hillsides and water courses provide splendid contrasts – a sight to behold!

Enjoy the foliage as it peaks by end of October to early November.

The Berkshires

Photo by Lily Fang | Roaming Boston

If you’re willing to drive even farther out then The Berkshires would be the place to go! A 2-3 hour drive from Boston, the mountainous region offers spectacular views of fall. You can even hike a section of the Appalachian trail, climb Mount Greylock, or just drive to the top if you’re feeling a little lazy. Either way, you get to enjoy the best nature in New England has to offer!

While you’re in the Berkshires, make sure to swing by the quaint historical towns and enjoy local shopping and museum hopping. Might as well make a day out of it right?! 

Whether you’re only looking for a peaceful getaway or are interested in going for a moderate hike, the Berkshires will not disappoint.

Mount Auburn Cemetery

Photo by: Jennifer Johnston | Mount Auburn Cemetery

Last on our list, but definitely not the least is Mount Auburn Cemetery. If you’re looking for a little… spice in your fall foliage peeping, you gotta add some spooky to it by dropping by the cemetery!

Located in Cambridge, the Mount Auburn Cemetery has some of the most beautiful plant collection in the city – any time of the year! With almost 5,000 trees that turn vivid red or gold in the fall, one can truly have a spectacular time enjoying nature as it changes.

Did we mention you’ll probably see some wildlife too! Wild turkey, migrating birds, sometimes even foxes. Talk about total immersion!

So, what are you waiting for? Head out this weekend to any of these places before it’s too late! Are there any other places where you like to enjoy the fall foliage in Boston? 

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