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Sometimes when we move clients into Washington Square from Brighton, Back Bay, Cambridge, and other places, they aren’t immediately sure how a commute from Washington Square will work for them.

There are some great options for public transportation, and people are typically thrilled once they get there.

Once people are settled in, many people will bicycle or walk to their destinations in Cambridge or Back Bay when weather allows.

When they want to use public transportation, there are several options available to a variety of locations.

The MBTA C-Train runs along Beacon Street with the Washington Square stop at the intersection of Washington Street and Beacon Street.

The C Train on the Green Line connects Washington Square to Boston University, Kenmore Square, Back Bay, and the Financial District.

The #65 Bus stops in Washington Square going to Longwood Medical Area (including Harvard Medical School), Boston University, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, and just over 1/2 mile to the growing technology hub at Boston Landing.

I learned from my clients after they moved in here, that they actually use some of the additional choices that are nearby.

When there are issues with the C Train, the #65 bus gives them an alternative to get to Kenmore Square to pick up other trains.

The Green Line also lets to them connect to the #1 Bus and some of the private Shuttles.

Many clients opt to take the D Train from Beaconsfield to Longwood Medical Center, Boston University, Back Bay, and the Financial District.

The D train has fewer stops, which can make a quicker commute. Many people say that the ride is also prettier and worth the effort.

The D train sometimes feels like a pleasant trip through the woods for commuters.
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