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Affordable Housing in Arlington: The Mission of Housing Corporation of Arlington

About the Housing corporation of Arlington

Address: 252 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington
Phone number: 781-859-5294

The Housing Corporation of Arlington is a community driven nonprofit organization that supports families and builds community in Arlington.

The mission of HCA is to provide and advocate for decent, affordable housing for low and moderate income families and individuals in Arlington. The organization surrounds communities, while promoting social and economic diversity.

Their vision:

HCA envisions a vibrant, economically diverse Arlington that offers a wide range of affordable housing that blends into the community.  HCA housing is safe, attractive, environmentally sound, and affordable in perpetuity.

HCA envisions a community of resident leaders who engage in the civic conversation in order to make our town more affordable and inclusive.

HCA’s members drive this vision. Members include tenants, homeowners, congregations, businesses, and others who invest time, money and other resources in order to keep our town diverse and stable. Members serve on our Board of Directors, on our committees, or they contribute in other ways throughout the year.

Today, HCA owns and manages 150 units of affordable housing in Arlington, serving a wide range of incomes and family types.

HCA is also actively building a pipeline in order to continue to expand housing affordability through acquisition and rehabilitation of existing properties or new construction. Additionally, the organization is available to partner with other public or private entities in order to develop affordable housing locally or in neighboring towns.

SAVE THE DATE! HCA’s 20th Walk for Affordable Housing will be on Sunday, May 21st from 12-3 pm, starting at Winfield Robbins Memorial Garden.

Hope to see you there!

Are you concerned about affordable housing in Arlington? Do you need help to make sure your family is stable and healthy? Would you like to get more involved in your local community? Don’t hesitate to visit their website and contact their staff to learn more!

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